About me!

My name is Annet M. I am a Dutch-Canadian-Australian. My husband Kirk is Australian and after living in Australia for 11 years, we moved back to Canada in August 2012 and are still settling into life here. He's not a reno fan but he tolerates it and occasionally has some input.

We originally bought a house in Thunder Bay (Ontario) and I renovated almost every single room - then we sold it and moved a to semi-rural house which is weirdly closer to most places because it is off the main highway. It was built in 1940s and has some original features, but other "fun" stuff like painted wallpaper and glued tiles over solid maple flooring. But the land is beautiful. 

I want to document some of the changes, because I love sharing what I've done. Plus being able to see what I've done later is good to see the progress we've made.

Thanks for visiting!